My good days are spent recovering from my bad days

I have good days and bad days. On my good days, I spend my time just recovering from my bad days. I never seem to be able to do anything productive on my good days anymore as a result.


Same here but I day dream a lot…!!! In my dreams i see i am cured 100%…!!!


My good days are spent on… wait I don’t have good days. Anyway, my bad days are spent thinking about good old days, and those yet to come.
What are your bad days like, @everhopeful ? Sorry if it’s too intrusive, I’m not forcing an answer out of you :slight_smile:

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My bad days are when I’m just totally non functioning. I don’t want to talk to anyone, I don’t have the energy to brush my teeth. It’s like a feeling of being hungover that doesn’t go away.

I don’t get any more paranoid though, so I’m grateful for that. Also I’ve never heard voices or hallucinated, so I’m grateful for that too.

Then when the next good day comes around, I spend it “wallowing” in the fact that I’m not suffering anymore, and just spend it recovering.

Writing that above, makes me think I should just be a bit more grateful. It could be worse.


I do that too. I fantasize about being completely cured.


I daydream too :sunglasses:

read my poems to know what my daydreams are like :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

usually when I have a bad day, I can just sleep and have a clean-slate mind. I don’t really have a bad day that carries over to the next day. I used to, though. and I think it was because I focused on negatives instead of positives.

being productive is very important for me. I can’t really afford bad days… :frowning:


Same here really, bad days stop you from moving forward on good days


I think I’m learning to not just hope for good days but to give myself credit for them when I do have a good day. I ran two errands after work the other day, that’s huge for me! Yay, me! And the next day I went straight home and when my husband got home I attacked him verbally with paranoid ideas, locked myself in the bathroom and bashed my head against the cupboard… good days/bad days. Seraton, my “companion” tried to convince me to cut my throat, but I didn’t! Bad day/not as bad as it could have been. :blush: It’s all life (for us) and moving on and taking each moment, celebrating what good there is…

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for me, when i keep busy it is a good day. if it is productive for me like practicing the piano makes me feel good, then it is extra good.

at work too, if i keep busy and productive it is good for my good feelings.

still… the bad days do come when i cannot keep doing.


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