Having a bad day

i’m having a bad day

i woke up feeling really bad and sweep came over
i couldnt speak i felt so bad but i eventually came out of it and phoned my care team

i feel like ■■■■ but i managed to get out to a nice place for a breakfast which was really good
now i am back home myself i feel really crap

sweep said to me ‘i hope you dont go catatonic’ and i’m like ‘■■■■’

i dont think it will get that bad.

You’re here posting and fighting it off. I don’t think you’ll go catatonic. I’m sorry your having a bad day. I do hope you feel better.

I’m glad you got out for a good breakfast. Did you finish the lego car?


Sorry to hear your having a bad time of it. WHen I get symptomatic I come on here. Its a nice place to share experiences and get resassurance.

Lots of people here suffer. I went through a bad patch about a month ago. Im getting over it. Concentration isnt back and I cant study as the meds have made me so chilled out.

Stay positive hun.


no but i bought more and i built the ninja mech suit which is pretty cool and sweep got some chima animals which are good fun too, i have the wolf chima but havent made it up yet, i love the animal chima and i like moving my lego around so its not the same all the time, its really good and it cheers me up.

i also had a dream last night as well but it wasn’t about lego, it was about record store day which was last week and i was with sweep and we went in to the record store too late and there was hardly anything left but i still managed to get a couple of 7" then sweep was looking in a pile of empty sleeves and found a really rare album that had just been made but they never made a lot of them and even though we didnt go on record store day that album made up for it, it was exciting looking for something new, something different that sounds really good and i just wanted to go home and play it all day lol,

then i woke up :frowning:

I like your dream…

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hi daydreamer are you getting enough sleep? ive learned if i dont sleep well and tired it really affects my mood.
hey you went out had a nice brekky hang on in there you will feel better again tcx

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Hi Daydreamer,

I hope today is going better for you. I hope you manage to get out and get some fresh air.

I’m glad you phoned your care team. You’re working hard to get better.

It will get better for you.

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i hope you have a better day, just try distracting your mind with positive things.
take care

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