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My gf has found out that she has microscopic blood in her urine and she was not getting very good care at the VA where she was initially diagnosed. (They were not taking her or her symptoms very seriously). So, she switched over to civilian care and is now getting better care. She see’s a urologist this upcoming Monday (in two days), and they will discuss options then. She has had both frank and occult blood in her urine and that warrants further investigation.

She is a 50 plus year smoker and smokers have high bladder cancer rates. At the VA, she had a cystoscopy (bladder scope), by a male urologist who seemed more interested in her vagina than anything else. Now, she wants to turn him in to the authorities at the VA. Her cystoscopy by him was negative but she doesn’t trust his findings, understandably.

She has been taking a narcotic pain reliever, (that her doctor ordered for something else), to relieve her depression, and that has hematuria (blood in the urine), as one of it’s side effects. So, hopefully, that’s all it is.

Please pray for my gf or send good thoughts her way. Thank you.


I pr ay for her to find the right treatment and doctor!

Sending positive thoughts out to you and your gf @SkinnyMe.

I wish her health! Gosh, she has a depression too, poor she… I hope its just this pain reliever… :balloon:

Sorry to hear.

Just to let you know, sometimes blood in urine has np real concrete cause. I kept having it and had all sorts of tests including a bladder scan where they put the camera i side and no cause. Was just there. It is possible to e benign. I hope that is her case, too.

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I send positive thoughts your way.

Were kind of alike @SkinnyMe .

I have a sick girlfriend who is not very compliant to medical direction, and I wonder where my role lies.


I hope everything turns out fine. Sending positive thoughts to you and your gf.

Sending good vibes to you and your girlfriend.

Sending ((hugs)) to you both

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