My gf keeps sneaking off to go gambling

I took a nap about an hour ago and when I got up the car was gone and she was too…she’s off gambling…she has already won like $1,400 at first and then she lost five hundred and then she lost three hundred, now I don’t know what she is going to lose but I am tired of her sneaking out…she knows I wouldn’t let her go again if I caught her…

Jeez Louise, @jukebox you surely have your troubles. The last I heard from the guy who gave me my first kiss was that he had a gambling problem. Be careful, she’ll steal the shirt off your back if it gets bad.

all that makes me sad is that she snuck out…she could have told me and I probably would have let her but she has no control…scary.

Is she gambling with her money or yours?

her money but she needs a lot of stuff still…all she has done is gamble…I think tonight she might lose it all…I looked in her drawer and all but a hundred is gone…so sad…she can’t help herself…

My ex husband is a degenerate gambler. He goes around fronting like he is a millionaire or something but never will show any proof of it.

I suspect he is a pauper with a terrible gambling addiction.

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she hasn’t gambled in a long time and the stimulus check just blew her mind I think…she gets hundreds of dollars and she gets desperate…I understand addiction so I am not mad…only saddened that she might blow her check this time…she is getting close to being out of money and probably didn’t tell me how low she is to begin with so this will teach her a lesson too late i think.

Is there such a thing as “gamblers anonymous”? If not, maybe you could start one.

She may have shame that she doesn’t want to confront.

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