It's a good place to be vegetarian here at my property

well i can grow berries and some fruit, as well as some salad greens for 6 months out of the year. i can grow and store up a bunch of root vegetables like potatoes and turnips, and grow and can tomatoes for later consumption. it’s probably a better place to be vegetarian than scotland, but i was reading about scotland and some said it’s a surprising place where it’s possible to be vegan or vegetarian.

as for the farms around here, nothing they grow i consume.

and the grocery in my hometown has everything i need if i don’t feel like doing all the extra work that comes with growing some of my own food.

the weather is good 8 months out of the year, but gets a bit hot in the summer. too hot to grow brussels sprouts which are one of my favorite cruciferous veggies.


I recently bought a Topsy Turvy tomato planter. Gonna try some Beefsteak tomatoes this year. Gonna hang it off the south side of the house.



sounds like a fun project. good luck with your tomatoes, :+1: did you start from seed or will you buy plants? usually when i grow tomatoes i just go to lowe’s garden center and get tomato plants already started, if i grew a lot, i would probably start from seed. i also buy my pepper plants from lowe’s, not seeds.


We have a million greenhouses around here come spring so I’ll buy some healthy sprouts.

Are you putting in a garden this year or is it kind of up in the air?



no actually im getting rid of mine. mom is wanting to put in a garden on her property so i may still grow something this year, not sure. she hasn’t picked a spot in the yard yet. i’ve actually grown over there before, they have about 3 and half acres so plenty of room. but i also think to grow flowers on their property for some side income.

the future plan is to grow fruit on my property, berries, cherries and kiwis. and then maybe grow some salad and herbs over at mom and dad’s. dad won’t let me put in a bunch of berry bushes and cherry trees until im the official owner, which will not be for another 2 years.

anyways the plan is to buy my salad greens with my biden bucks whenever i get it. it will be easier to maintain the yard and less work without the garden. so for the next 2 years anyhow, i will just have grass to mow.


Ugh! It’s getting to be that time again. Minnesota is having some awesome temps right now too so it won’t be long.


haha yeah i actually like mowing the grass. it’s nice that dad has a good riding mower so it goes quick and i get some sun. i figure we have about another month before we’re back at it, maybe 3 weeks from now. i never can remember when we start cutting the grass each season. i know at the golf course they would bring me back in late february or march for maintenance and early season things.


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