My future is ruined

Are you quite early in the course of your Illness?

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No, was diagnosed and put on meds about 9 years ago.

I was 23 and 7 years in
I could cook and wash myself and go shopping
I went to the odd anonymous meeting

And that’s IT
It was literally tv
Or lazing around

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Im unable to cook or clean or do anything but sit and stare off or listen to music. But i think its temporary

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My doctor said i can do pretty much anything except math and physics due to stress, i guess.

I said some things that were incorrect. Like i dont know what age or universe i was in when i got that message. I had a dream recall. Second, not sure if they were actually zener cards for sure. I seemed autistic/adhd back then and too quiet/shy. I went to special classrooms playing games and then remember the tongue exercises mainly. I ended up moving with my dad in second grade to a Christian school, i guess…

What do you eat?
Are you living with your parents?
There was a time when I was early diagnosed first stable when I just lay on the couch
I’d sometimes do 3 hrs in a charity shop for a while

When I moved out I was forced by nature to buy pasta and sauce

Been there done that except it wasn’t school it was at work. I have a problem with speaking before I think and I tend to say things to the wrong people at the wrong times.

I worked at a fortune 500 company and totally embarrassed my step dad in front of some pretty important people at Ford Mo Co.

He was talking the 3rd person down from the CEO of Ford. I walked up to him and said "You have some pretty hair pull some teeth and shave your head I’d F- you.

Seriously my mouth get me in trouble. I’m borderline turrets. I get pretty rude at the grocery store and when I’m out shopping.

Yesterday some guy was wearing socks and there were really dirty. I blurted out "ew look at his socks can you imagine what his underware looks like. He turned around and stared at me but I just smirked.

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