I’m struggling with college

Hi I’m new here but was introduced by a friend a while back. Over the past year college has been on zoom calls for obvious reasons, dealing with this has been extremely hard. When I’m on zoom calls I can hardly focus because of the hallucinations and if they tell me to leave (usually because they have a fear of phone calls in general) or I dissociate I have a hard time fighting and just end up leaving the call. Things are worse than they have been for a while and hopefully talking here might help me relate to some people.


Hi @Joshua1 welcome to the forums. How is your situation? Are you on meds? Loss of function is usually not such a good sign and it needs addressing in your life. Do you see a shrink regularly?

Hello. I’m not currently seeing a doctor or taking meds, I was seeing someone but they don’t really care. She was always trying to find ways to hurt me and no one believed me, so I left.

I had a fiend that I talked to a while back with schizoaffective who was major support but we fell out and it’s progressively got worse.

Early intervention with the appropriate medication leads to better outcomes. Insight is rare but not unknown but recognizing that your losing function is a danger sign.

Most people around here end up in emergency with a break from reality…you maybe solving some future heartache getting yourself a decent shrink and investigating things more thoroughly. Psychosis is pretty much damaging the brain and it’s no fun.

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It’s not so bad that I’ll end up in a hospital. It just gets really hard aha


Truth be told. You aren’t in a position to appropriately identify how bad or how good your psychotic symptoms are. At best you can identify they have started or that they are about to start.

For all people affected, medication is the best first step to functioning. Your delusional symptoms will get controlled and then the rest you have to try fix with your own resilience. Which is perfectly possible for you as is the case with most early stages of psychosis.

As above. The fact you have symptoms means that your brain is not functioning “normally” this means there’s actually damage happening. You have to get medicated,

As for being a student. I’m the same. And zoom calls I don’t attend, or I haven’t attended any this academic year except for one. I have still managed to submit and pass the majority of my electives.
You will able to do it when you have recovered from symptoms of psychosis.

Tbh I’m not at mental state of delusional, I have many thoughts but none quite delusional hahah.
At the beginning of the year it was very rocky I didn’t attend classes or got my gf to log me in if possible. Now things have balanced more I’m now present most time, even if I’m not fully focused or unable to stay. I can’t wait for things to get back to a more normal setting.

If it’s manageable then it makes sense to not have urgency. But I don’t think for the long term this is a good idea.

Hearing voices isn’t normal functioning, it’s usually a sign of poor sleep or a form of psychosis; medication would help you in the long run. Because if the voices get particularly intrusive, you may well lose your own voice in the head is how I would describe it.

How many years are you there for? Is this your first year?

They can be quite intrusive depending on the day it goes up and down.

It’s my first year doing the course I’m on just now, I did one “pre-covid” but then shifted to this one. Although in my last one I had symptoms, which on some days meant going in wasn’t going to happen, it definitely was a better environment than talking on a phone where anyone could be listening or recording.

Yeah. I think you are experiencing a little bit of psychosis in terms of delusional thought, this includes the voices.

If you want to survive the next few years on the course, I really do emphasise the importance of a psychiatrist to assess your situation for you.

I have previously dropped out of a course and it was precisely because I cut off contact with my care team and neglected medication. It’a better to be prepared for the worst, than to not see it coming.

You might’ve picked up what I’m saying wrong, I’m not “being delusional” the voices just don’t like zoom calls n tbh neither do I because of the reasons above.

How’s your education going just now?

Are you seeing a therapist? That might help. They have new antipsychotics that aren’t such a bummer to take.

Mate. It’s not that you are being delusional. It’s that hearing voices is actually called a delusion. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

Hi! I wanted to say welcome! The pandemic has been hard on everyone
Edit: living with sz (schizophrania) is hard on its own

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Not currently, they all just end up trying to drug you up with poisons. If a genuine one starts near me I will but right now I don’t see it

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Thank you!
I hope you are doing well.

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Just something that helped me on here… If you wanna reply to more than one person at one time put @ then their username and a notification that you’re talking to us will be sent to us like @Joshua1 (always love that feature of this place)

I am doing okay (planning weddings are stressful and stress is a trigger for many people myself included)

Also meds help… I go cuckoo and end up homeless without my meds… Life is better with meds and this is a pro med place

Ah that helps thank you!!

Stress seems to come abundantly right now for me too. I’m hoping being on here might help with a place to talk about it.

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This place has helped me a lot throughout the years… I hope it helps you…

@Joshua1 . Most people don’t have a choice with medications. We take them because the alternative is madness and pain.

Please consider that medications aren’t poison and saying such is pretty offensive for most people here who’ve been through psychosis. It’s not a poison but it’s not something that is easily dealt with anyways for the sufferer.

We don’t have a choice with medications. You do. That is offensive to most everyone here.