My functioning seems to have taken a nosedive

I’m seeing my psychiatrist in about 20 days but there’s nothing he can do.

I don’t want an antidepressant and I don’t want to mess with my antipsychotic or dose.

I’ve just become even more flat. I don’t want to do anything.

Maybe it’s just temporary. Can always hope!

I’ve just taken a supplement (methyl folate) that’s supposed to help, but we’ll see.


I’m sad to hear. There is the possibility that it is just a fluctuation that will even itself back out. There is a certain amount of highs and lows that is to be expected and even if it goes beyond that it can bounce back without intervention. We can be resilient more than we expect.

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Yes, I’m hoping that it’s just a fluctuation. Thanks @Leaf .

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Why don’t you want an antidepressant?

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I don’t want to have to worry about even more side effects.

Also the only antidepressants that help negative symptoms are incompatible with Abilify.

Check out this thread

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Maybe try Turmeric. It is a mild modulator of both serotonin and dopamine. It’s supposed to get better absorbed if taken with pepper which can be bought as bioperine supplement.

Curcumin is the extract of the main active ingredient in Turmeric, but this might be too much to start with. If you decide to try it I would go for Turmeric. Swanson has Turmeric with bioperine.

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