Shit,getting depress day by day

Guys,I am getting more isolated and lost connection with people as day gone by,I think I need a meds change or increase mirtazapine,I am on abilify 5mg,mirtazapine 15mg

I am so sad that I just found a combination that worked,but after 3 months it isn’t working well anymore

sorry to hear that, abilify 5mg do nothing and even with 30mg which I take it only helps me with thinking, about mirtazapine I dont know anything, perphenazine makes me socialize and adding some antidepressant or anxiety meds can help.

sorry you are feeling down, i hope today is better, know that someone cares.
take care

5 mg of Abilify is an awfully low dose - Maybe it’s time for you to talk to your pdoc about medication changes or adjustments - I’m wishing you luck with it

Yes…since these meds worked for you at first maybe they are the right ones for you and you need to work on the doses.

I was doing totally ok,when on 15mg mirtazapine and 5mg abilify,it seems to stop having a significant effect,hope all these changes soon…