My eye feels weird

I think theres something in my eye . My right eye feels foggy all the time like theres a distortion. Something looking out of it. Maybe Im possesed? Does anyone have thus problem? I thought about digging it out last night but I know it will upset my husband if I do. Ive looked in the mirror before and it doesn’t even look like my eye its someone else’s eye, its really bothering me .

No I haven’t been back to the Dr yes Im trying my best to go

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I hope you realize how serious your situation is. If you are so matter-of-factly talking about digging your own eye out then you need to take some kind of serious action to get help.

That said, my eye gets foggy sometimes for no reason. If I rub it or blink a lot or put eye drops or water in it, that solves the problem. Looking at a computer screen too long might cause it. I don’t know of your problem is a physical problem , a mental problem or a combination of both. Be careful, get help.

Your eye is probably fine. Don’t do anything to it. Go to the opthamologist for an eye exam to rule out anything serious. You may just have dry eye. This can happen in just one eye. It will also cause blurry vision because the tears aren’t covering the eye as normal. Your eye may not feel dry, it may just feel funny. You should get it checked because it’s your eye! But it’ll probably be fine. You should also tell your pdoc.

Its not that big of a deal its just an…is it a big deal? I mean I know everyone would be upset if I got rid of it but it doesn’t bother me . Nevermind I guess ill go to the eye doctor I go to my new pdoc next week my mom made me an appointment. I dont would nevermind

Hi Zero, it’s awesome that you come here for advice on this, and that you’re willing to consider the other possibilities that there’s either something physically fixable with your eye or that there’s something a pdoctor can help with. Do you think you’d be able to tell your mom or your husband that you need to the psych doctor more urgently than next week, like that it might be an emergency? They should know enough to take that seriously and to be calm, and if they don’t, well then you can tell them that that’s what you need from them right now.
I think the sooner you go, the sooner you’ll get some help with your eye (I think it is a big deal) and the less time you’re worrying about this on your own the better.

I was gonna ask my husband wifhen he gets home if he would see if he can see something wrong with it. Its not something wrong its like its not mine . Im trying not to think about and do some else . I mean I feel okay like im thinking straigh I haven’t been hallucinating today do it just seems odd such an issue with taking it out. I k oe I shouldn’t but Im not sure why. I figure Ill just ask the husband his opinion he fixes stuff so ill adk him

I bet its a side effect or something im going to ignore ut till my husband gets home

Exorcism ??? Mine goes blurry after I nap some times, they are two dry

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its constant, oh my mom tries to deliver me from the devil all the time just last month she delivered me from spirits or whatever i dont believe it but i grew up in it so i do believe it and now im constantly paranoid its true and im possesed, i think im going to have my husband take me in when he gets here im getting worse and worse i feel pretty good right now and i know digging yoyr eye out is stupid ■■■■ but how about an hour from now im just going screw it im tired

the old trick to getting something out of your eye was to hold the eye lid up and blow your nose hard, not sure if it work but heard it does

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Good on you, it’s gotta be hard to be alone dealing with it

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Im not alone my moms here but shes crazy she’ll start telling me its a demon I cant deal with her i wish shed move out. But Im good my hubs is almost home so its fine alll good thank @lukewarm