Very bizarre experience today

I have no idea what this was and am wondering if it was something caused by meds or what, it was very scary though. So I was heading back from the minute clinic about some testing for nursing school and all of a sudden I notice in my peripheral vision a sort of moving blur. It was almost like a giant floater, shaped the same. I couldn’t look directly at it, when I tried it would just move into my peripheral. Then the blurs began to grow until it took up more and more of my peripheral vision. This was so scary and I was driving hoping I wasn’t going to go blind or something before I got home. Sometimes there was dark spots there. It was happening in both eyes. My central vision became brighter than normal, and everything looked strange and unreal, and that I have experienced before when hallucinating but the blurs I have never experienced.

I made it home safely and after a while the blurs just stopped I didn’t even notice when they were just gone. What the heck was that? I see my psychiatrist tomorrow and will ask. Anyone know about this?

So I’ve been looking it up and I think I may have had an ocular migraine…I have had normal migraines my whole life but I have NEVER had an ocular one before. It was totally terrifying and distracting. Why would I suddenly have one?

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Go to the eye doctor right away! This sounds like a detached retina to me!


Jeez I have been seeing flashes of light too…what the hell…I saw the eye doctor before and said I was seeing flashes of light but they said my eyes looked fine…I assumed it was seroquel withdrawal but I’ve still been getting it and I have been off seroquel a while…scary…I will make eye doctor appt tomorrow!

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@PatrickT is right,

You should see an ophthalmologist soon as possible.

If you have dark curtains in your vision or flashes of light you may want to consider going to the ER instead of waiting for the doctor to open.

Yes definitely go to the eye doctor!

Well it stopped a long while ago my vision is normal again now.

I’ve had migraines for years and then suddenly had an ocular migraine (weird visual effects for maybe 20 minutes but no headache) for the first time a year ago. I’ve had a second ocular migraine since then and went to the opthalmologist who confirmed it was an ocular migraine. I have no idea why I suddenly had the occular migraines start.

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I’m glad your vision is fine now, but please get checked out just in case.


Glad to hear you are feeling more normal again.

I have had ocular migraines my whole life, and they’re like that. Definitely go to a doctor. You and @Moonbeam might also want to see a neurologist about this.

If you have ocular migraines, you should not take estrogen-based birth control pills, because it can cause a stroke. So also make sure to report them to your OBGYN. All other forms of birth control (progesterone pill, shot, implant, IUD, etc) are fine.


It sounds like a migraine. You should still get checked.

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