My existence must be pretty fragile 😂

I’m no longer using strong espresso coffee pods. I’m finally back on instant coffee. For the last few days I’ve only had 1 cup with 2 spoons of instant. So far so good.

But Yesterday I tried having another cup late in the day (7pm ish). It ended up keeping me awake till about 4am.

Today I feel dreadful. Like really really bad. All because of a cup of instant coffee.

It looks like it doesn’t take much to knock me off balance…

I live a pretty fragile existence and don’t realise that most of the time.


Got to be careful.
Caffeine is potent stuff!


master of the brew , make life fun in a cup


I went off instant a few weeks ago. But since my med changed tea is tasting a bit weird. Think I will go back to instant


Coffee used to make me feel good and wake me up a bit but since I went on Prozac a few days ago it’s started to make me feel weird. I still drink it about every 2 hours but it’s not enjoyable anymore. Idk why


I’ve been drinking Mountain Dew all day, but it’s almost 10pm and I haven’t become tired yet. I fear I’ve made a huge mistake.


I’ve been having tea more frequently in the evenings.

So maybe in the future switch to a cup of tea for an evening drink.

Take care, :v:.


Mountain Dew has a lot of caffeine @Pikasaur. I drink tea but not too hot (stomach) coffee in excess is kind of jittery. two spoons- wow! i’m a light weight

So do I. Most anything knocks me off balance.

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Well, that explains it.
I get too much coffeine from Pepsi Twist lol

i get too much from chocolate. twist of lemon? is that tea or soda. yah mountain dew will keep you up!

Pepsi Twist is Pepsi with lemon :slight_smile:

With the large amount of stress people with sz live with due to just the sz, a little stressor like coffee or going out in public can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If you are sensitive to such things it is only because you are dealing with a lot already. :slightly_smiling_face:

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