My ex texted me

Probably bored and has no one to hook up with me.

We used to smoke weed together, I dont know if she does now though. We met at the recovery program at the hospital years back.

Should I see her ? I mean, it is the holidays …

Nope. There is a reason you broke up.

Eh, I’m all for forgiveness and stuff but if she’s not in a good place in her life it might be drama-filled…

Did you end things on good terms? Did she hurt you? Did you hurt her?

I’ve met up with exes before. I regret every single instance of it. Now, exes stay in my past. But I know others who have stayed friends with their exes. I never could. My feelings get too confused.

It was more related to her substance use ?

She’s not an addict but she uses weed to self medicate and that’s the only thing I’m kind of concerned about.

Yeah, thats what I’m worried about.

I guess I’ll just txt/call with her for now and see how things go.


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