I miss my ex. had a crisis but I managed

Hello, me and my ex started talking again, she is a relationship. I noticed I still like her, had tears in my eyes, wanted to self harm but instead I took 10 mg valium and sent an email to my psychologist who helped me and I feel better now. Have you guys been through stuff like this before?

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Maybe it’s better not to talk to her and move on?


I agree with @everhopeful,

Exs are exs for a reason.

Stop communication and move on.


Agreed. If you need valium to cope with talking to someone, they aren’t good for you.

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Valium causes memory loss. Just get rid of that girl and valium together.

Took me years to get over the ex, worse cos i got a lil girl with her - so i get it. Never hit the benzos tho - drink was my thing. Just look forward - and lay off the blue pills. :slight_smile:

thank you all for the advice. I decided to not start any conversation with her. I will only speak to her if she speaks to me and is important.

Dated a lot in twenties and once in thirties .still in thirties and been single 4 years talked to few guys since but didn’t kiss or try commit relationship. Sometimes best enjoy own company🙃

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You’re completely right. I’d rather be single even if I like her than because I enjoy my own company. Also relationships are difficult.

I am friends with x boyfriends.

I still love my x boyfriend.i have a new boyfriend now.
He was the best partner but we were pretty platonic because we didn’t have sex much.

I called another x boyfriend today.
We broke up over twenty years ago.
He pushed me to the ground and spat on my face.
We are friends.

I don’t think its healthy to stay in contact with your ex. Obviously its up to you, but I think most people find it much easier to put them out of sight, out of mind. Move on with your life without them. Otherwise its all too easy to think about what you once had/could have had etc and feel put out or left behind.

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Oh boy do I have a long story! But I’ll just say losing a romantic other is a tough support to lose.

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