My episodes are weird

I’ll have 30 minutes we’re I don’t feel real and that my hallucinations that I hear sometimes are genuinely real people trying to contact me and my boyfriend worry’s really bad I’m usually not this delusional but it has been in mimi episodes does anyone experience that when my psychosis was worse it was longer

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Sometimes i too, get hallucinations of real people. Like my family and my former psychologist or my neighbour’s

At the beggining of my illness it wasn’t like this, since my 3 or 4 episode it started becoming like this.

Don’t sweat it thou. It’s still a hallucination, it’s not more dangerous

Do hallucinations change or progressively get more vivid overtime?

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They can if you are not properly medicated

I dont really know your situation. From what I’ve seen it’s changing for some people for other it might not.

Thing is that doesn’t mean its worse. It’s just different and different takes time to adjust to.

Have faith and patience

They really just change in my opinion, but then again no, it seems like whatever your big delusion is doesn’t change much from that

There are good days and bad days. I’ve found that stress is the main thing that increases how encompassing and vivid hallucinations get. That’s what I have found.

There were things I’ve said and done when I was off my med’s that I can only cringe about. I want to bury my head in the ground. It’s been a long time since I’ve been off my med’s.

Same here but don’t beat yourself down it’s the illness making you say or do things you perceive as cringe not really you take everyday as it comes you can’t control everything that happens but it’s good your on meds your doing what you can ! I hope this all doesn’t sound dumb


If left untreated I would say yes but there are many people who are on meds etc doing things to help themselves and don’t hear voices at all

Yes. You’re right. It was coming off my med’s that made me so mean, but I still feel ashamed of some of the things I’ve done when I was off my med’s. It’s a real Jekyl and Hide type of thing.

well 30mins is much better than months of an episode atleast. Have you ever been tested for epilepsy? sometimes pdocs rule that out as well

I might have one soon cause I had a possible seizure a few months back but my brother has schIzoaffective also so I could also really have it but sometimes I feel like I don’t cause everything feels like it makes sense

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