Did your hallucinations change?

Over the course of your illness? As I read more about people’s hallucinations on here that doesn’t seem to be the case so I’m curious as to why mine did change.

When I was a little kid I experienced strong, vivid visual and auditory hallucinations. The stuff I saw I could not distinguish from real life and when I heard things it was clear as day. Then it faded away and I only experienced rare visual/audio stuff that was very mild and I can count on one hand the times it happened. Then when I was in high school the visual hallucinations came back on a regular basis but were never as vivid as they were originally. The auditory remained a very rare occurrence and were very mild when they did happen. On top of this I began experiencing powerful tactile hallucinations that I could not distinguish from real physical touch.

But then towards the end of high school the tactile hallucinations faded…and now I’m almost done w college I almost never get them, and when I do they are very mild. My visual hallucinations have gotten stronger. Auditory hallucinations remain mild and rare.

What the heck? I am highly curious as to what was responsible for these developments. Does anyone have a similar experience or have your hallucination types/frequency/severity remained static over the years?

I have no clue. My voices started 25 years ago. I had a period of about 10 years when the voices were minimal. Next to nothing. Now I hear them every day again.

My hallucinations don’t change much, but the content and delusions change by time.

Mine have changed over time. I used to just hear music playing, or a news anchor broadcasting the events of my day. I also got really horrible hypogogic hallucinations (when you just woke up/are almost asleep and M really vivid scenes play out in your head, usually in terrifying ways) and I couldn’t tell if those were reality or not. After I was hit on the head, the auditory hallucinations turned into my family members screaming about all the very descriptive ways they were being tortured for hours on end. I started seeing people who weren’t real, and having really bizarre visual hallucinations, like a tiger in my bedroom or a monster head growing out of my husbands regular head. Recently, the hypogogic hallucinations have stopped completely, and the visuals are completely gone.

It’s fascinating. I have no clue why these changes occur. It’s something I’d like to look into in the future.

It has been said that as we age, the intensity of our hallucinations fades down. Not sure if it’s true or not.

I know for me, now that I live a relatively stress-free life, the scary ones have all left me. I actually had a sort of hypogogic hallucination the other day, but it was more of a lucid dream. I recognized what was happening and made the monsters disappear, and then turned it into a much better situation.