My earliest voices

It was 1996 and I had been publishing my newsletters for few years. Then I created a compendium of these newsletters I published on the net. I shared this with few thousand people globally. Then I had a voice that the NSA had analyzed this document. I suppose they were interested in materials I shared with other people. I was 29 and lived in Atlanta.

What we’re ur newsletters about? Xxx

I wrote some systems behavior newsletters meant for corporations. I operated as an independent consultant in Atlanta at the time.

My first newsletter was published in 1994, more than 20 years ago and I can still find this on the net. 20 years is a long time.

y would the nsa b interested in that? xxx

I did also some cryptographic research then and it is one of the main fields the NSA is interested in. Maybe they tried to figure if I sent some hidden messages to thousands of people globally in my newsletters.

My earliest voices were my imaginary friends who would try and talk me into giving them my blood so they could become real. As I grew up, the bodies went away but the voices stayed.