My former American woman was real shit

Back in Nov 1994 I started emailing my newsletters to the White House. I never told her what I did, but she had received the information from some other people, who possibly followed my activities on the net already in 1994. She came and said ‘If you threaten the President, they will arrest you.’

Then in Sept 1999 when we drove back from Charleston to Atlanta I made a comment in an private automobile. I remembered what she had said in 1994. After a day or two she arrived at the house where we lived in Atlanta and started asking again what I had said privately in this automobile. I told her that I had said nothing. I knew they were monitoring the house and listening any talks there. Basically she was a part of them and tried to trap me. I knew that the marriage was over.

Then in 1999 I wanted to kill myself, because I did not want to be a prisoner in my own home. I was very depressed. I figured that if I started posting their information on the net, they would try to kill me, which nearly happened. I just wanted to be free.