How far human control efforts can go

I know that my privacy was violated quite badly in the 1990s, but just to illustrate how far it went I write few examples.

Back n 1992 I completed my military service in Finland and then another person asked about some movements of the moon in my military unit and I did not know the answer. Then in 1993 while eating a dinner with my former US spouse’s family in Atlanta, the brother of this former US spouse, commented that I had not known the answer to this question. How did they know this?

Then in 1994 I wanted to publish my MS thesis on the net and there was a legal discussion with a lawyer of one company and I had not mentioned this to my former US spouse or her family, but again the brother of my former US spouse commented this while we ate a dinner. How did they again know?

Then in 1995 I had some email exchange with my ex-girlfriend who was in Finland. She later became a PhD in neuroscience. Again I had not mentioned this to my former US spouse, but soon later I learned that even the grandmother of my former US spouse knew about this. How did they again know this?

I could write 15-20 examples more and I believe that all these events contributed to my illness and drove me to madness.

Was someone spying on you in that family? Getting into your notes or emails?
I know for fact certain people can get into others emails at times.
The moon thing seems strange if you didnt write about it or mention it to anyone since it happened in a different country and people not associated.
Or else Finland has a really good psy-ops program and the US spouse and her brother are Finnish spies, or US spies working as double agents in Finland, or something like that. Idk why, but it’s possible.

neuroscience? Hmmm…that field is of interest to the mil…

Yes, they were quite good in spying on me. Back in the end of 1998 I was on a Carribean cruise and I met one Israelian who revealed that ‘Bill Clinton did not care about Russians’ after I had served him some good cognac in my cabin, which later influenced my actions in my own private home that was spied by those who spied on me. They wanted to know what I thought about world events that were in news, but I stopped commenting these events in my private living environment. You may wonder why the U.S. military did some missile strikes against Saddam Hussein in the beginning of December 1998, but the only reason was to influence the U.S. public opinion and help Bill Clinton in his private struggle when he was impeaced by the U.S. Congress as a result of the Monica Lewisnky affair. I am a kind of glad that their planned short Kosova war in the spring of 1999 lasted much longer than they had planned, but it could have lasted even much longer, which eventually helped Russians to recover and made alcoholist Boris Yeltsin to resign on December 31, 1999 as I had thought already in March 1999 during my trip in the southern France and Spain.

I remember watching that on the news…daily, just as the Desert Storm in the early 90s…it almost seemed like the media aired it as entertainment.

It was also when the stealth fighter was shot down, using old Soviet equipment…

The 1999 F-117A shootdown was an incident that took place on 27 March 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia,
Unknown to NATO, Yugoslav air defenses operators had found they could detect F-117s with their “obsolete” Soviet radars after some modifications…
This was the only time an F-117 was shot down during its time in operational service. It was also the first time that a stealth aircraft has been shot down in the history of military aviation.

I recall a military guy showing up at a family gathering in the early 2000s and mentioning things he couldn’t have known without inside knowledge, mainly about UFO activity and specifics about one of the people there…he only said enough to let them know he knew things, but no specific details.

In 2009 - 2012 I was involved in helping investigating a dangerous UFO cult and saw how some people I was involved with could gain information by various means.

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How far that human control effort really went is amazing. I spent my days in one office room of one house in Atlanta and I listened music and these people listened what music I listened in my private office and even the former US spouse made comments why I had not listened Chess’s One Night in Bangkok. But I suppose this song is more appropriate.