My dreams lately... have been memories

Lately it’s been bubbling up… like an ocean bed finally letting go.

Things have been drifting higher to the surface and into my conscience.

I don’t know if this is an odd way my memory is trying to fix it’s self? Are the parts of my brain that hold my memory trying to heal?

But I had a very vivid dream about an incident that felt all too familiar. I woke up, checked my journals and there it was… nearly word for word.

My dreams are past events. I’m remembering a bit of my past… not in journals and other people’s accounts… but in dreams.

It’s unsettling but at the same time… if my memory is trying to heal… I don’t know. I’m happy having some of that past wiped. It’s how I can look at myself in a mirror.

If I start getting a bit “war story” thank you for your patience and it will pass. If I get too TMI… please help.

I know that has to be unsettling. But I think it would be a great thing to talk to your therapist about.

Dreams can be so powerful and can influence our waking state. So I think it would be nice to have a trusted guide help you through some of the more unsettling dreams/memories.

I talk to my therapist about my dreams all the time. Although mine are more future-drivin, but still unsettling.



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This is a good idea… I was thinking of writing down the dreams as they have been happening now, not rehashing my perceptions from the “back then”

I’m excited to think my memory might actually be healing. But I am sort of unsettled about what I might remember.

An incident that happened when I was 15 has been looping through my dreams… I did mention it to my sis… She said that sort of how she remembered the incident too.

very conflicting.

Yes, I thought there might be some memories coming up in your healing process that you’d rather not remember. Some that might be hard to deal with.

So instead of letting those trigger your emotions and give you bad days, you can process through them with the healthy guidance of your therapist.

You’ve been doing so well that I don’t want to see bad memories affecting your recovery.


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Dreaming memories is very much normal. In fact, scientists believe that dreaming is a way for the brain to sort and store memories of the preceding day. Obviously your dream was of an earlier memory, not from the day prior, but the same idea applies. Perhaps something you did the day before reminded you of what you ultimately dreamt about.

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my cbt is bringing up all kinds of things, some nice, but mostly a hatred of my parents and inlaws…
to heal we have to relive the past.
as i undersand the mind, a normal person experiences a moment in time, then files it in the appropriate section in that persons mind.
a mentally ill person experiences a moment and we do not file it properly or at all, so it can play like a record…
cbt and ’ healing yourself ’ you allow moments in time to come forth and be properly delt with and filed appropriatly.
take care

here ends another moment with dr dark sith, dark sith takes a bow, yes i know i am a genius…lol


I think that’s why it’s coming up… it’s icky and upsetting, but I too think it’s a sign of healing. It sure is hard to get over again.

I think it’s harder to get over this time… last time I was drunk or worse and didn’t really care what people thought… now these dreams are making me look back… I don’t like it.

Again my family says… That was ages ago, your doing so well now, why dwell in the past. It hasn’t happened since."

I do appreciate that, but it’s odd having my brain drag all this up again.

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it makes me feel like rubbish, all the memories coming back, i feel shame, resentment, anger , rage…
but remember everytime this happens to you ,you are one step further up the mountain of healing.
imagine the feeling when you get there, and you are at the summit looking down at what you have accomplished, and the bonus of the great view.
take care