What are your dreams like?

I found that I have really cool dreams, and when I’m stable they tend to be metaphorical and carry meanings. I go through periods of time where I try and analyze my dreams. The more I practice dream recall the more I notice symbolisms in them.

My dreams are on a map, like a hidden universe, where people behave differently and the laws of physics are slightly reversed. In dreams you can throw objects in reality and they bounce back to position. I have lots of flying dreams, or dreams where I’m running from people. I’ve told people they were in a dream and the dream police were sent after me. I’ve only had a few dreams where I was shot at, but I typically escape and don’t remember when I die like in a videogame I just re-appear after I get hurt.

Every new year a have an epic dream also. I’m looking forward to my next epic dream around new years. A lot of my dreams are like Inception or the Matrix, where I fend off agents, run from cops, jump over buildings, transmit through phones. I’ve had dreams where I was in a different civilzation on earth. One I call the dome people, where everyone walked around in white robes and were sectioned to specific domes. When these planes flew overhead, they would generate high pitched frequencies that were meant to keep the citizens or slaves, submissive and passive. Brainless workers. My mind tends to take symbolism from real life and create these sorts of dreams. I want to write a science fiction story based off of it.

My favorite part of it all is the future technology. A lot of them involve technology that can sense human life/biorythms, and also that can tell when someone is in a higher state of mind.


My dreams are a seemingly endless river of nightmare.

It never stops.

I used to have good dreams though, i think that i have forgotten what they were like though.

Sometimes my dreams are so much like my hallucinations, I think I didn’t sleep at all. Sometimes they are a continuation of my delusions so when I wake up, I’m right back trying to straighten myself out.

You’ve heard of word salad? I think I have dream salad. So much random stuff just jumps from picture to picture, it’s sometime like the visual effect of channel surfing and none of it makes sense, even to me. There is no violence, nothing is scaring me, it just has no basis in anything I can figure out.

there are no films in the world that could do any justice to the power of our dreams,

my7 dreams are the things of fantasy, fantasy in reality,

its like walking in another world where we have evolved and left our bodies but we still remain as spirit
it may be the dream realm or you could call it heaven, maybe even a learning experiance or alternate dimention, whatever you call it, no movie nor words, even prose cannot express the enormity of the power within our dreams. imo.


dreams are like clouds, they change every time each night


Last night I dreamed I was the ruins of an ancient city, like the ancient Mayans. There was a giant t-rex too but he didn’t chase us, just walked up and roared. I was with people and we were exploring it, and I was so excited and exclaimed this is a place on earth that must still exist. It was a cool dream.

SurprisedJ, if you start keeping a dream journal and try making sense of them their clarity will improve.

I kept a dream journal for the better of 20plus years. Had to stop when reality mimiked them. They were about 2-3 years ahead of this life.
…and the most disturbing to me wasn’t what was done, but Who did it.

either great escapes from reality or way worse than reality. they never seem to be neutral

I think every body dreams the same, except the ones who can’t dream…Ironically I had a dream when I first got sz and lasted for years, it happened even when I’m awake, blocking my vision, it happened over and over and over, it’s disturbing but it makes no sense, and it’s in black and white.

On my current medications I can recall almost none of my dreams. I miss them. They did use to be pretty interesting and added meaning to my life.

Pob may I ask you what are your meds? If it’s not too personal.

Csummersx, I know what you mean. Dreams are very surreal and it’s important not to mistake them as grounded in reality, or predicting the future because in dreams, anything is possible and reality is distorted. I have a friend who is schizophrenic, and he just ran out of his Clozaril and he can’t get it refilled. I can’t tell if he’s becoming more delusional, but he said he thinks bluetooth headphones have a cerebrial device that the government can hack. It’s when he randomy talks about his delusions that I get uncomfortable.

My voices have told me that dreams are set up for people by “dream makers”.


I almost always have a dream about water…rivers, lakes, beaches, swamps, swimming pools, you name it. Many of these bodies of water I ended up seeing later in real life. I’m weird like that.

my dreams are sometimes pretty ■■■■■■ up, and sometimes so amazing i cant describe them, and i just never want to wake up sometimes…

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I’m not sure but I think zyprexa is the culprit.

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thats so along the lines of what i think they do in reality, but i think your mind is interpreting the understanding of it.

All of them ! that’s quite a lot, it’s odd that the medication stopped you from dreaming…thanks for sharing

Water in dreams represents the emotions. Pay close attention if the water was calm, running smoothly, choppy, torid, flash flood, etc…
One reoccurring dream for me was very soothing. I used to jump into swimming pools, lakes, the ocean even, and sink down to the bottom. There I’d lay still, breathing in the water like air, and be comfortable just laying there watching all the people above the water panic and run around crazy. I would be all snuggled up at the bottom and fall asleep, happy to be away from it all.