My doggie gets groomed tomorrow. He’s

Getting a short puppy cut. But his new winter coat should keep him warm


My pup also needs a grooming but I can’t afford to right now. Hopefully soon.

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Yeah. Wolfie is overdue and I have to save up over time. The timing of this grooming isn’t great (coldest part of the year is Jan and feb). But he needs it done since he’s got some knots in his fur so it’ll have to do. It costs $50 to groom my dog. How much is your groomer?


Usually around $70 but I’m going to a different person because that price is ridiculous. She has no matted fur that would cost more.

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What breed dog do you have?

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I have a Shih Tsu @Leaf. What kind of dog do you have @FatMama?


We actually groom our dog at home. Both of them don’t really shed so we shave their fur instead.

It requires a lot of work, though.


My pup is a pomeranian papillon cross

Oh my gosh! He or she must be so cute!

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We’ve tried that but we don’t have a good setup and our dog doesn’t like us doing it so everyone ends up frustrated and exhausted

I Had a Pup Named Lacy…,

We Connected Instantaneously…,

I Saved Her From an Abusive Home And We Both Never Looked Back…,

She Passed Away After a Few Years We Fought Against The World Together And I Think About her Everyday…,

The Picture of The Pup on My Profile Was One of Her Puppies…,

I Named Her MAX (!!!).

Sadly Max Passed Away, As She Was The Only Puppy Born During One Night…,

About 6 Months Later After I Was Sent Away to Rehab, I Came Back And My Dad Told Me The Sad News…,

But I Have One Picture…,

Lacy Was a Warrior…,

And Max Was Heaven Sent…,

Thanx For The Memories…,

And Angels Dear Lord… . …

Post a pic of Max! I’d love to see it :slight_smile: I’m sorry you lost Max, I know how heartbreaking that is.

Hello Again…,

Thanx For The Words of Encouragement…,

Losing a Loved One, Be it Pup, Mother, Father, Sibling, Friend, in Any Way, Shape or Form Can Destroy a Human Being…,

But I Only Have One Picture of MAX as I Already Stated…,

It’s on My Profile…,

Have a Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening And or Night (!!!).

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I had to skip my pupper’s grooming this month. She normally goes in monthly for a bath, brush, nail time, and paw trim. She’ll go at the beginning of February. No mats or anything, and we definitely don’t shave her (she’s an Australian Shepherd). I saw a shaved Aussie once. It was really fat. I honest-to-goodness thought it was a pig. I will never do that to my dog lol.

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Lol! Hilarious!!! My groomer just managed to brush my Wolfie’s teeth while grooming him! I’m so impressed!

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This is how my princess looks when groomed


Thats a weird looking cat


Lol my pup is offended haha :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awe!!! She’s so cute!!!

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@ZmaGal can we see a pic of wolfie’s cut

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