My dog is very sick and currently at the vet

My smallest and favorite dog is very sick.

She’s got a lot of symptoms and last night she could barely walk or move.

It was so pitiful.

This morning she seems to be feeling a little better, but I took her in anyway.

Waiting to hear from the vet is just killing me.

I hope she’ll be okay.

And I hope she’s not scared at the vet, alone.

I just feel terrible.

Here she is, her name is Lilly, we call her Lills.


Poor baby. What are her symptoms? How old is she?

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She’s about 12,

She had blood in her urine and was very lethargic.

It’s likely a UTI or kidney stones, she gets those.

I just freak out every time and think she’s going to die or something.

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Sorry your dog is sick @Charles_Foster . Whenever we go to the vet since Covid, we have to wait outside and let the vet take our dog inside by herself. Before Covid we always went inside with her. Our dog is always scared and resists. My dog is very dependent on us so I know the icky feeling of having to leave your dog alone with the vet.

I hope your dog recovers and is well again.


Oh no! Kidney stones are really painful. Your poor baby! I hope it’s just a UTI and it gets treated quickly


@Charles_Foster wishing your pup well, im sure shes making a ton of friends at the vet. “Finally friends who can speak dog language.” :relaxed: bless her

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Poor puppers. I am wishing her and you well.

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I hope she’ll be ok.

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@Charles_Foster Im so sorry about your pup! It’s so hard with a sick pet. They can’t tell you what’s wrong, and you can’t assure them they will be ok, other than being with them - which you can’t. Which is awful.

I am so hoping your doggie comes through this ok and that you can have some ease and peace!

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I am sorry @Charles_Foster
I’ll be praying for her

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Wishing the best for you and Lilly @Charles_Foster


I hope she gets better. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

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My previous dog had stones in his bladder twice, and had to have surgery twice, so I know how you feel.

Hope your little doggy is okay! :dog:

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Thank you guys so much for the well wishes and prayers.

She’s okay!

Has a bladder infection and UTI.

They gave her some antibiotics and gave me some to start her on tonight.

She’s still not herself, but she doesn’t seem to be as miserable.

Right now she’s resting.

Thank you all again!


I’m so relieved for you and Lilly!

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That’s wonderful! Live long and prosper both of you :vulcan_salute:!

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That’s good news! Glad to hear it.

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Oh no!! Hope your poor pooch is okay. Nothing worse than a sick pet. Hope you hear from the vet soon.

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@Charles_Foster I’m so glad your wee doggie Lilly is resting comfortably. UTIs are no fun but are fortunately readily treatable. The photo of Lilly is adorable.


Wishing your dog a speedy recovery.

I love dogs. She looks really sweet

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