An update on my puppy

My 6 month old lab puppy is very sick.
She keeps getting bladder infections and peeing blood.
This is her fourth round on antibiotics, her infections keep coming back.
Our Vet is confident that she has some hereditary congenital structural abnormalities within her.

We are traveling out of town to see an internal vet specialist.
She will be receiving an abdominal ultrasound.
Hopefully we’ll get results.

If not further testing will be performed.

As of now insurance doesn’t cover the costs of all these tests.

She has had numerous tests performed so far like urine cultures, blood tests and x rays.

We paid a lot of money for her and now we are in the process of getting our money back but in the meantime she’s receiving important medical care.

I’ve already got in touch with a reputable Labrador rescue organization who accepts special needs dogs.

So far the whole experience of taking care of a sick dog has made my symptoms worse.

I wish her well.


Oh no! I’m so sorry! I hope they figure out what’s wrong and find an inexpensive solution. Poor baby! And poor you!


oh no…I’m so sorry. awful. good for you for taking care of her.


I hope your puppy can get to feel better soon


My heart breaks for you! I hope all goes well for your fur buddy!


My heart is broken but now if what she has is treatable and manageable I may decide to keep her.
I’m growing attached to her.

Hopefully it’s not a terminal condition.

I’ll keep you guys updated.


I had a similar situation Wave. My ex husband and I purchased a little Maltese pup from a Pet Shop many years ago now. The pup was very sick requiring vet attention. We made the decision to return the poor wee pup and had the purchase price refunded only, not the vet’s costs that were incurred.

You have put your heart and soul into this puppy making you a better person than I. Whatever you decide it will be the best decision for both yourself and the pup I am sure. Please look after your own mental health first and foremost.

Thinking of you at this difficult time.


Wow yes @Sarah
I’m sorry that you had to deal with a sick pet too.

My therapist feels that it’s best that I return my dog and get my money back.

She feels that owning my dog is worsening my mental illness.

Maybe it’s best that I find her a good home.

I spoke to a woman over the phone who owns a Labrador rescue organization.

It’s located in another state in the country.

They accept sick dogs and treat them.

She’ll be going to a foster home where then she’ll be adopted.

If I return her to the pet store my vet said they will euthanize her.

I’m NOT returning her back to the pet store!

I don’t know I’m torn but you and my therapist are right.

My mental health comes first.

There is just too much stress right now.

Thank you @Sarah for understanding.


Your very welcome Wave. I understand it must be killing you inside having to make such a difficult decision.


It’s absolutely breaking my heart.
But I have faith in this woman and her rescue organization.

Thanks again @Sarah


Did your puppy come from a pet store? A lot, maybe most, pet stores that sell dogs source from shady breeders (Petsmart as I recall learned this the hard way years ago). If you want to play detective, see if you can find out who the breeder is and what condition they keep their animals in. It inflames me to no end that people will sell unhealthy, genetically defective dogs to earn a few bucks, and then to hell with the dog’s quality of life or the owner who may spend a fortune trying to fix what has become a puzzle palace of a mystery. Fck disreputable breeders! Should let starving Pit Bulls eat their faces off ala Ramsey Bolton.

ETA: I hope some whiz-bang vet gets this sorted out for you quickly, cheaply, and with minimal discomfort to your dog. :heart:


Unfortunately yes.
We got duped.

Hopefully we’ll get answers after the ultrasound.

Thanks @ThePlagueDoctor


And I turned my cat, Simba, in to the Humane Society before moving in with my ex gf last year simply because she didn’t want him puking all over her house. I’m almost 100% sure they euthanized him.


I’m sorry @SkinnyMe


Just boy a new one broh there’s thousand of better dogs out there good luck

Sorry @Wave that you and your dad and puppy are all suffering with this crap problem.


Don’t commodify animals- that’s not helpful.


Thanks @leafy 15

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You are giving your puppy an opportunity at a life that a puppy with her illness would not ordinarily have. If you are unable to keep her, giving her to people who can treat her and won’t put her down, is the best solution.


Yes thanks @anon78876561

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