My dog is not ready to be set loose in the house

My puppy is not ready to be set free in the house without her leash on.
I let her loose in the house for a short while and she started going after our mail on the table and started to chew up the tissue paper.
I’m going to let her loose for short periods of time while I supervise her only is she has her collar and leash on in the house so I can quickly control her movements if I have to.
Baby steps with her.


Lol thats funny, and really cute, my dog poos every now for some reason, i think they think they own the house now, they do whatever they like, they dont like pooing in there designated area anymore lol. :laughing:

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Do you have a dog training class you can take your dog to.

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No I don’t need a trainer @pob
Besides they cost up to $300 an hour where I live and many of them are scammers (not legit)

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Imma good dog walker. I’ll walk her all day for you. :grin::grin::grin:

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And that’s just one of the many, many reasons why I refuse to own a dog. Ever.

I can admire them from afar.

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She’s really my dads dog.
He is totally in love with her.

I do most of the work.

He helps a little.

Post a pic of your dog!

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My neighbor has a 12 month old yellow lab. Crazy dog…

Anyway, he’s had luck with the pet training sessions at petsmart. I watch him train the dog and it looks like s PITA. But you gotta be alpha male if the dog is going to respect you.

Dogs crave discipline. But you gotta know what you’re doing.


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