A false diagnosis of psychosis (help needed)

So yeah I’m a teenager who was falsely diagnosed with psychosis ~3 months ago at a psych ward. They did a couple psychological tests (PAI and Rorschach) as well as motor skills testing (Beery VMI, etc.)

The psychiatrist who diagnosed me called my beliefs of my parents murdering me, drugging me, etc. delusions for no reason.

Also, she used ”me being delusional” as a reason why I couldn’t leave from there and placed me on a hold (which ended up in my involuntary admission) She also said that I have ”impulsivity associated with being psychotic” (?? Never heard of anything like that) and that I was paranoid.

The nurses thought I was hallucinating because of my demeanor (i don’t understand why, I was acting like I usually am which is calm and chill)

When I refused my meds one day they just threatened me with injections and said that if I don’t take the meds I would become worse or something like that

I, however, don’t feel like I’m psychotic at all and that they understood me wrong I’ve complained about that to the doctor but they think I’m in denial… they want me to take an Abilify injection :confused:

I’m sorry to say this but it really sounds like you’re psychotic and need help, including meds.


Why? I have no psychosis symptoms at all so to me thats kinda uhh

how you get there in hospital anyway? u went or some one bought u there?

Your beliefs that your parents are trying to murder and drug you are delusions. Those are textbook delusions. Your doctor evaluated them and came to this conclusion. If you knew the beliefs weren’t real, they wouldn’t be delusions.

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An ambulance took me there for no reason :confused:

Hi, @Crystal-Cotton.

I’m @laetitia, and I’ve been diagnosed with adolescent-onset schizophrenia. I was like you. I was only 17.

I know that you’re probably really terrified at this point, and I was too. It seems like you are in denial. Your parents are certainly not out to get you. That is a delusion and you need to be on medications to help manage those symptoms. I know that it seems too scary to accept but if you treat your psychosis now the better you’ll feel on the long run. I used to get those delusions too and I was horrified.

You should talk to your doctor about these thoughts and ask for help. Your doctor knows best on what to do. I am not an expert on schizophrenia/psychosis/sza. I cannot emphasize this enough- the earlier you’ll get treated the faster you’ll recover. Please remember that you are loved.

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but the beliefs were 100% real, real beliefs are not delusions.

I am not in denial. I just do not have any psychosis symptoms thats why I am saying I am not psychotic.
Medication is poison in my opinion.

About your parents that are out to get you, are your parents dangerous/abusive?

no they are not. my mom is very nice as a person

Then, it is a delusion. Your parents aren’t out to get you. Your parents are very nice people.

It seems like you’re believing what’s not real.

but it is real! God tells me that

Are you religious?

To provide you with a religious explanation (@moderators please do not delete this thread or delete it after this thread is somehow resolved):
God has provided you with a family that you can trust. He would not want to break that trust from you. He is a loving God who wants to protect you. There is no way on this earth that God wants to take your family away from you and break it apart.


i recently became religious.

The thing is, God does not want to break families apart. What you are hearing, I think, is a hallucination that talks to you. God does not want hatred.

i know god is a good person but i dont hallucinate

Hearing a god talk to you is a sign of delusion and hallucinations.


“If you talk to God, you’re religious. If he talks back, you’re schizophrenic.” Pretty much that.

I’m a religious schizophrenic, and I don’t believe everything my voices say. They are mostly bullsh*t, especially when I am stressed.


I have studied under a Catholic priest in a Catholic group, so I know very well what God’s nature is.

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God is loving. No exceptions. He does NOT change.
He doesn’t suddenly change it to “everyone is out to get you” mode. In fact, He told Joseph to flee from Jerusalem because his baby is in danger, but He did not say “no one loves you and everyone will murder you”. He does not want hatred. That does not change.

Chances are, you are hearing a hallucination. God does not want to inflict hatred upon you. God does not want to hurt you. He wants you to remember that you are LOVED, not HATED.

I seriously, seriously want you to get help. It seems like you are really believing this delusion and you are fixed on it. Please hear me out and get the help that you need.

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