My doctor thinks that I’m delusional

I think you actually want forced treatment because you knew it would happen and yet you threatened your doctor again. Mission accomplished

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I didn’t know it would happen

Sigh you tell me what my delusions are

I don’t have any

I’m sure I get out within 3 weeks so doesn’t really matter tbh

You’re not John Malkovich and my condo doesn’t have a seventh and a half floor. I don’t know what goes in inside your head.


Yes so I don’t have delusions

I didn’t until I did.

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They say I lack insight
I think I’m a narcissist or just a teenager

My old doctor also thought I was delusion… turns out he was right. And now I am no longer as delusional because I take my medication and want to get better so I can have a better life.


I’m taking my meds too

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No hallucinations

You made threats, you must have anger problems


I’m not angry anymore

@Halozination @Muhammed_Yussuf She repeatedly posts about people including her parents are trying to poison her and kill her.

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Sometimes the symptoms can be explained.

By psychosis when it happens again mostly there is the same situation, as example using the drugs again.

I haven’t posted about that in ages

Actually, it hasn’t been tha long. And maybe it’s because you’re being forced to take your meds

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Maybe idk (1515)

It is clear that the doctors intend to force you to comply. The best thing to do in this situation is roll with the punches, because they aren’t going to quit. I’m not saying it is right or if it is wrong. Sometimes I think the doctors are too eager to prescribe medications, but be that as it may, they have the authority to control your life right now. It will be much easier for you if you go along with the program.

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I’m gonna act like I’m good

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