My descent in art form

I drew these the first week of my active phase of psychosis. The plain skull has kanji translating to “survival”, representing me before schizophrenia.

The ninja skull has kanji meaning “pain” which is significant because in my prodromal phase, i was learning krav maga and conditioning intensely often injuring myself lifting weights, preparing for ROTC.

The final drawing has kanji meaning “rage” which represents my full blown insanity, paranoia and distrust of everything and everyone.

I lost my creativity due to my medication, but I hope to add one more skull, the “on meds” skull. I will probably upload it in a couple weeks, im on break before next semester.


Those are really good. Did you do the Chinese (Japanese) characters freehand? I’m sorry you lost your creativity. It’s a meaningful thing to lose.

I liked the idea of representing your sz with drawings, they really speak out.

I don’t like them, they are great drawings and everything, but i just don’t like pain and these drawings exude a whole heap of it.

All that i can say after seeing these is sorry that it happened to you.

Maybe one day you can draw different, better, things. And i say better as in better for you, not your ability.

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yeah theyre not exactly cheerful, theyre basically my case of schizophrenia put into illustrations. Just wanted to share, but im sorry if they seem too disturbing.

i did do them free hand, thanks

good drawings there.

my first psychosis in 2000, i drew a bridge when i look back, i think the bridge meant the bridge over to sane into insanity

the capsule is ziprasidone, and the kanji on the other side means “truth”


Cool! I know what you mean about losing creativity. I was able to do a lot of awesome artwork when I was manic.