I tried some art

i drew a couple of pictures with my old drawing tablet, i figured i should give it another go instead of it just rotting in the cupboard.

here is the link-

and this one too-

its a start i suppose lol maybe i can get better.


You can learn drawing from youtube or classes. I took art for a couple years in high school and can draw pretty well with pencils. Ive posted my skull drawings around the forums a few times, @sasha is the expert though she is legit, youve probably seen her lunch break sketch posts.

I found drawing to be cathartic and healthy expression for me while psychotic. Especially the drawing of myself while psychotic, “Red the 19 year old demon” took a lot out of my mind

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Thank you for the compliment but I am far from an expert. :slight_smile:

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i have a book i got a while ago called the complete book of drawing and its pretty good so i am g in that a bit going to look in that for some help, i also took a few art classes but i am still a beginner,

i figured even if i get an idea that i think i could use then that is the main thing and who know maybe i could inspire someone as well.