My depression comes out to shine in the winter

How about yours???

I think I’m doing better but have increased levels of depression that is here for no reason, other than because of the weather. Looking forward to the lushness the spring brings…growth.

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“Shine bright like a diamond”

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The landscape during Oklahoma winters is bleak. The sky is grey and the trees are all dark and bare. I don’t really get depressed until January though. I have kind of a letdown after Christmas, and the American football season is over. It’s also cold. But I don’t suffer from it too badly. It just lasts a couple of months, and then it is Spring. There are usually a few days in Spring where the weather is perfect.

I like summer nights the best. But spring and early fall is good too. Today was nice but too many people took advantage of it and everyone was outside. I like days when I have nothing to do and everyone else is working and it’s gorgeous… I also am looking forward to the first big snowstorm but not the second…

Yeah it sux - on top of my bipolar/SZA depression, my psychiatrist thinks that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD.

My depression starts kicking in around October and lasts throughout Winter.

I’m using a light box to combat the depression and so far it’s helping some but not completely.

mine has gone…it went to the bahamas :palm_tree:
take care :alien:

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Im generally happy all the time but its much easier for me to get sad during winter. The weather is a moodkill. But winter is when football season is on. Football cheers me up :slight_smile: im so glad its summer. Summer and christmas holidays is amazing time. I call december and january the magic months

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I don’t have seasonal affective disorder, but i guessni get more depressed. Depression has kind of become part of my regular mood so i don’t notice it much anymore. What is life with out depression for me…wow that was depressing lol