Seasonal mood disorders

Starting to think my depression only comes in the winter. With the weather. I just love being outside and when that’s taken away for me I get depressed. Anyone else?


I wore a light jacket today and my puma sneakers and went to my doc’s office. The appointment was postponed four hours ahead so I decided to seize the opportunity.

So I walked 10K steps today if not more. I walked four hours basically. I bought some new accessories, a new tanning lotion and I just enjoyed being outdoors.

It was a nice day. I have so much work tomorrow and friday so will stay home but it feels amazing knowing spring is around the corner.

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I have read before that suicide rates go up in the springtime.

The feeling of re-birth. Everything gets nice out again and you know you have to do it all over again.

I have noticed my symptoms flair up more in the winter.

These long nights are just no good for me.

My depression is always much worse in the winter. And fall. And the end of summer.

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