It may be just winter

that makes me feel depressed, I am glad spring is coming, two months more.


Winter sucks. At least when it’s not 10 degrees outside, I can sit out on the steps and be stimulated by the sounds, sensations, breeze, smells, etc of outside, the colors, psychosis and similar things are never anywhere near as scary or overwhelming to me when I sitting outside on a sunny day. Trapped in a dark, cold house for day after day after day I think would even make sane people lose their **** eventually.


Oklahoma is enjoying a mild winter so far. there have been enough days of sunshine and warmth that I am not so sick of it like usual. Not looking forward to summer, where the heat is relentless every year. I’m sorry you have such harsh weather where you are @mjseu

@Turnip I’m like you. I have to be able to go outside to take a break with nature in my back yard.

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Here in Lisbon is red alert for rain and winds, I’m staying indoors. It’s been raining since december with a few periods of sun in between, but few

I love any season-except when it gets too seasonally intense. Right now it’s 7 degrees outside here in Chestertown, MD. This is the middle of Feb. This always happens.

The weather is great, but now we have to worry about things blooming out and then getting killed in a freeze, like the peach crop and the strawberry crop. I guess that won’t hurt us too badly, but it’s hard on the farmers.

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