My Delusions - Help Requested


I think I’m suffering from delusions; maybe you can help.

I have the thought that the auditory hallucinations are real people; talking to me through my cell phone, television and computer, also using satellites.

I also believe people are seeing through my eyes.
I’m not sure how; although I thought there was a computer chip, in my head, where they can use it to hear my thoughts, use telepathy (mind talking) on me and move my body.

I have the thought it’s police or the military.

I’ve had these delusions for several years.

I’m trying to work through them, holding on to my reality.

I’m on Clozapine 300 mg, Thorazine 100mg, Lexapro 20mg, Carbidopa / levodopa (for Parkinson symptoms, caused by ten years of AP’s)

Thank you for reading my post.


I also believe they see through my eyes.
I have the trumanomatrix idea for years.
I also take clozapine 300mg and two more aps

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I also think they can see through my eyes but I try not to focus on it, too disturbing. Are this just a thought or did the voice prove it? And also is this voice a character with a personality or is it just stupid comments, no life in it like

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Ok, in my personal opinion these sound like intense delusions because I actually had these last month. I think, if there is a possibility you should talk to someone who can bring you back to reality, be it a therapist, a loved one, or a psychiatrist. Because these thoughts don’t seem to be rooted in reality from my own experience. I know it’s hard and simply telling you to not believe it is easier said than done, but just take small steps, don’t let your mind wander beyond those delusions or any thought you think is unhealthy. I don’t know your emotional state or your hobbies, but what I do is take my mind off things and read a book or drink some tea, just something that can ease your mind off those delusions. I wish you well!


Hey. I have similar hallucinations and delusions when I’m unmedicated. I’m taking 15mg Abilify and the delusions have stopped. Sometimes I hear non-stop knocking on my front door when there’s no one there. Your on medications so I would check with a pdoc. You may need a med adjustment. I was having problems until my Abilify was upped to 15mg.

I really shouldn’t comment on this post,
because I’ll probably be suspended,

but I get all you said too, even heavily medicated.
the truth is out there, you know.

I’ve had the same kind of delusions, and I promise you that they are delusions, because it will all go away if you’re on the right medication combo. That’s how it’s been for me.

well, alright. for me, medication puts all the thoughts to back of my mind and I don’t rise to the occasion, unless I’m forced to.

Yes, all that and more. This is my first post, I just signed up, because of these “delusions”.


I often feel the CIA can see and hear what I do thanks to the brainchip in my head. I admit it sounds unlikely but it’s still a disturbing thing to deal with. I would talk to your pdoc or therapist if possible.

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Welcome to the forum!

Me too kind of. Can people read my thoughts? Is it telepathy? People getting upset at me? People in my body living inside me. People talking about me.

I use to have these exact same delusions. Medication cleared them up for me, however.

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maybe try putting some music on and just lay down and rest just try and feel the music, at least it will get you out of your head…

Medication doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Thank you seemore, I’ll try that.

Thank you everyone, for your replies.

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Think I went through this for 7/8 years. I was under external control, they could see through my eyes, etc. You are an experiment. The only way they will leave you is if you find the right medication cocktail.

Thank you deezinageorge.

I thought I was receiving messages through the TV
I thought people could see through my eyes
I thought I was being mind controlled.

I don’t think those things anymore. I’m on 60mg of Latuda.

they never leave though.

glad you got relief.

Yeah I did. They would leave if your medications work 100 percent.