My delusions

My delusions were kinda strange. I thought I was next queen of England and was on some mission to go to India and save the girls from being killed because they are girls. I mean like I was seriously planning my trip to India and thinking my partner was next king of India. And I had to marry this celebrity who died prior to my psychosis but I just wouldn’t accept his death.

I think I was overtly optimistic. I can laugh now but at the time ….


I had too many delusions to list again. I have tried to list them all before on this forum, but it’s honestly a bit exhausting to recall and list them all.

Not only did I plan a trip, but I actually started a journey on foot to the east coast on my way to Mecca.


Seriously :flushed:

Before I went to hospital I was tryng to catch the secret train to America as well. None of it makes sense.

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I almost thought I was some kind of Buddha. Here to guide the world to stop all killing and destruction, and just guide people that there is enough death and destruction from the earth as it is and our mission is to aid all humans from this.

This type of post inevitably lead to encouraging delusions by accident.