I need respect

that just about says it for me. I have plenty of respect here and feel respect for you too. I wonder why I get almost none everywhere else? I try to give it, so… I probably don’t get it back usually because of people’s fears if they know I have MI etc.

still, it is a vicious cycle because the lack of respect causes a tense atmosphere for me wherever I go.

I am starting to lose respect for the “normies” out there because of all the pain they cause me.



What makes you think you don’t get respect in real life? It’s probably true that not everyone respects you in real life, that would be unreasonable. But I’m sure you have some people that do. That’s all we can ask for in this life really.

I’m searching lately for that word ‘tolerance’

what you allow, and what it says about you,
and if someone attacks you, do you attack back in defense

and do you defend yourself and what are maybe mis-perceiving?
and when you can go overboard.

I usually call out someone who uses the ‘r’ word, or ‘s’ word,
hits too close to home,
have to kick them out of my home.

Should a woman/mother put her husband or boyfriend before her kids?

Should women/schizophrenics ever allow advances from a married man?

Should women/schizophrenics stand by while others call a person with OCD totally crazy?

Should a person with a disability be allowed to run over your foot with their wheelchair?

Should the homeless be able to steal?

The title made me think of rodney dangerfield…i get no respect…normies suck…they worship the sociopath class so you cant expect much from most of them…

Respect is everything GTA2!

Couldn’t help myself :wink: