My daughter isn't going to let me see my grandbabies anymore

She’s delusional and thinks I stole $210 from her. She insists that this is why they are about to become homeless again. I haven’t spoken to my son in law yet but according to my daughter my son in law is totally on board with me not seeing the kids anymore because of this.


I’m sorry, @Leaf.

Your daughter is completely out of control right now.

Do you think your grandbabies are safe?

Should you call some sort of services?


She’s desperate and blaming you for her problems.

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Those are my concerns as well.
If she’s unstable and can’t manage money well enough to provide a home for her children, perhaps some help services should get involved for the sake of the kid’s well-being


This seems suspect given the amount of help you’ve been giving him with the kids lately.


I juat had an elderly relative who is having cognitive problems accuse me of stealing money from them.


I’m sorry @Leaf. It would suck to not be able to see your grandkids.

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I’m sorry. Children should never ever be used as weapons. They are innocent.


This is going to set off a depression for me I bet. I love them so much.

Don’t get too depressed Leaf,

I half think she’s bluffing.

I mean, she can’t take care of them and neither can the son in law.

They’ll figure that out soon enough and probably try to get you to watch them.


I don’t know she decided she didn’t want his mother in their life and she hasn’t gotten to see them for 2 months now. My daughter can be very spiteful when she feels she has been wronged. And she honestly thinks I’m the reason her kids are going to be homeless again. She just is delusional.

If you think the kids are at risk of being homeless,

You should call social services and get them involved.

I know that’s hard to do,

But it sounds like she’s really driven you to it.


I’m sorry Leaf… that’s messed up. You love those kids

I’m sorry @Leaf
I have a feeling that things will work out in the end.

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My ex isn’t going to allow my daughter over to the house anymore because of her behavior of late.

Tbh.@anon54386108. When I was in the 7th grade my dad rationed our food. (We weren’t low on the food budget. He just wanted to make sure we wouldn’t get fat.) I lost a bunch of weight. CPS is a joke. They called ahead and scheduled an appointment with my dad. The lady came. Didn’t talk to me or sis. My dad was baking a whole chicken. When I saw that chicken I thought wtf? Anyway after that my dad let sis and I eat but Child Services didn’t help us.

My dad’s so different now so y’all don’t hate my dad. He’s a really good father now.

So my son in law decided to show up with the kids and my daughter showed up to take her daughter, they got in a huge altercation and I called 911. The officer let my daughter take her but he is going to make a CPS report because my daughter admitted to being on drugs the previous day and he told me to make a report on Monday. My son in law is filing for sole custody and I’ll support him, she’s insane.

Jesus Christ, @Leaf.

That’s terrible.

I’m so sorry it went down like that.

Hopefully your son in law can get sole custody and you’ll be able to see them as you like.

This is such a stressful situation,

You did the right thing calling 911.

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