More of the same bullcrap

My daughter called with some elaborate story of needing to go out of town right away to fix her car, had been in an accident and needing gas money. When I told her no she started on my ex. He said he needed to think about it. I cautioned him that it was a lie and probably the money would be used for drugs. He didn’t have the heart so on his behalf I confronted her and told her he wouldn’t give her money and she rushed over to the house to prove the car had been in an accident. I still believed the money would be used for drugs and told her so. She became enraged and went off on me about what a horrible childhood she had and what a horrible mother I was. She spent a good 10 minutes yelling before she finally gave up and left without the 40 bucks. lol.

Other news about the grandbabies - I sent a Birthday present over to my grandson, it’s a toy that he can hold onto and walk along with to help him walk. He’s just about walking now, but still needs just a bit of help. I hope he likes it. It’s got all kinds of activities on one side to do when he’s done using it as a walker. I still haven’t seen them since my daughter told my son in law not to bring them over here any more about 8 or 9 days ago I think. He said he would call and bring them yesterday but he never did. I miss them so much. Hopefully I get to see them soon.


Oh, bummer you don’t get to see them. But you’re doing great at not caving. Keep it up

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Wow. Yer daughter sounds really childish…
Is she a always so selfish and demanding?

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Yes, lately. She’s been using drugs and it’s causing her to act out worse than ever.

Sounds like blaming her childhood on you and yelling that you were a bad mother is her “go to” argument for everything. She’s got it down pat and uses it for every disagreement between you two. Anytime she doesn’t get what she wants from you she’s going to drag out the argument about how she thinks you were a bad mother.

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thats sad, please understand its the drugs its not really her. Its hard to talk to person when they are in withdrawal, all they care about is getting the next high. Find a treatment program for her that best thing for her. Drugs are not cool. Shes not on a good path if she is doing drugs. Dont enable her habit though. Ask for advice from addiction specialist.

heres the number for SAMHSA National Helpline, they can help your daughter find treatment near you. good luck.
heres the website

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