My dad said, "Why don't you go out and get a job"? So I said sure

I was living with him at the time and I was thirty years old. I was smack dab in the middle of a terrible relapse at the time. I was also addicted to crack at the time and I basically had nothing. No money, no job, no car, no friends, no girlfriend. My dad would go to work and I was by myself all day with nothing to do. I would take a 30 minute walk sometimes but that’s all I did. So one day my dad says, “Why don’t you get a job”? I was kind of ambivelant about getting a job but I said sure and I dutifully went out looking for a job. I borrowed my dads 1970 Cadillac and drove around looking for work. After searching for a couple of weeks I got a job. And that was that.


Ive been able to work up until 6 months ago. Its eating at me but my partner is reassuring and understands atleast enough. I spend time with our kid hes 1. its mostly not bad just on really bad days im not the best company…but like i said hes 1 so he goes off and plays with his toys or holds my hand and watches tv with me.


thats awesome nick, my dad was really great too but he never said get a job to me because i wanted to work with him from leaving school but things didnt work out and i stuck in at it for as long as i could eventually leading to a breakdown, i put a lot of pressure on myself and i had bags of anxiety and found it hard to talk to people at work, my dad said he would have done things differently in the end but idk if he was talking about me, i dont think my dad did anything wrong though i just couldnt cope…


KUDOS TO YOU for being able to work during such a crisis. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t been able to work for four years and I hate it

i haven’t been able to work for 6 years and yes I do hate it.

Maybe you just haven’t found the right job. Maybe there’s something out there that you could do. I call a lot of my jobs, “Finding my niche”.

I have taken jobs that I had serious doubts if could do the work and get along with my co-workers but then I do fine. A lot of times a job looks harder than it really is. People can be tolerant and they often won’t hassle you if you don’t talk.

I have stumbled onto many jobs where I just fit in even though I can be weird as hell. I understand your frustration. Believe me, I’ve had many major frustrations and disappointments in my life too. I don’t want to be cheery and say empty words of encouragement when your problems are very real. I just thought I would offer up a couple of my thoughts.

You had a good dad, and I bet he is still proud of you.

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Thank you very much, Csummers.

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My provider can’t sew worth a damn and I am pretty good at it. So, every once in awhile she asks me to sew something for her. My first reaction is always to object, but I don’t and once the sewing is done I feel like I’ve really accomplished something and feel like I’ve been able to earn my keep a little. It all helps the self esteem issue. I used to be unable to thread my own needle, but now I can. Even at my age, my eyes are improving. Anyway, just wanted to tell you I know where you are coming from and for the others who are frustrated about a job, I strongly suggest you find other ways to show your use.


I wish I could get a job I’d enjoy, that would still allow me time for necessary appointments. That’s like a dream for me.

Everyone involved in my life, all the “agencies”, want me to get a job, but working makes my anxiety skyrocket and then I just decline. Fast.

So I need a low-pressure job I’d enjoy, like working in a bookstore or the library, or some sort of “sit here at this computer and type stuff all day” job. Working with other people is generally not a good idea. I’m… I’m just not a very good employee, I guess.