Retire, thought I'd make it to 59 at least

Well I had a full time job.
I’ve worked for 40 years more or less during relapses.
But now it’s MS that’s goning to do me in.
Isn’t it ironic?

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Well you made it far. That’s like eating almost a whole pizza by yourself. It’s not the whole pizza, but people are impressed!

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I cannot do things as I did for so many years . . .


Well i asked them to hire me another chemist. So maybe I can train them and work 2 days a week.

I just never give up or I would have been dead long ago. Who wants to give up? I’m just confused about the whole thing.

This is a relapse I just can’t shake. Even Sz relapses never lasted more than a month so this is screwing me up physically and mentally.

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I admire that. You want them to hire you another chemist?

Yes I asked for that because I have so much work. I always said your a victim or your own success because work just keeps pouring in.

So maybe the new chemist will take the pressure off me and I can take a few weeks to recover.


“Your own success”, seems like a good work ethic and it seems like a good plan.