This is what I got from my dad

So in 1988 my dad was divorcing my mom and he moved out of their apartment and into a friend/co-workers house and rented a room. I was 28 years old and on drugs and going through a mental relapse,. I was living alone in a small studio a little south of San Francisco. I had started a job about a year after being released from a long-term hospital. I had been at my job for four years but I got fired due partially to my crack habit. I was also three months behind on rent because I spent all my money on crack and booze. So I got kicked out of my studio and moved in with my dad. I had my own room but I just slept on a mattress on the floor on the side of the room because that room was where the owner stored all his boxes of belongings. My dad and the other guy went to work each day and I spent the entire day alone with nothing to do. Sometimes I did drugs or watched TV or went for a walk or took naps. That was my life. Like I said I was in the middle of a year long relapse. I was living there rent free. One day my dad says, “Why don’t you get a job”?
So I went out and I got a job!
THAT’S what I inherited from my dad. The ability and drive to always work. I didn’t have his strong will, his survival instincts, or his temper. But I worked through the good times and bad times.