My dad doesn't want me to buy a drum kit

I’m troubled, because my dad doesn’t want me to buy a drum kit. I’m depressed and I’m not playing the drums for the time being. My dad seems to think that I’m never going to play the drums again. I already bought some drums yesterday. I hid it from him yesterday, when we talked on the phone.(he was at the beach and I was in town) This is something I am really passionate about. I know I am going to play the drums again in the future. What should I do? What should I tell my father?

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Well if you aren’t playing very much then maybe you have no reason to upgrade. But I am also a drummer I play an hour everyday and I buy drums all the time. I just bought a craviotto walnut snare drum for 1200 dollars yesterday! Your an adult do what you want!! But you gotta play the drums man practice is important especially for a mentally ill person. You got a great hobby! Everybody needs a couple of hobbies!!

What drum kit where you interested in buying? What brand and what’s the type??? What drums do you play now?

If your not in the mood to play then practice rudiments on a practice pad for 15 minutes

I already bought 3 drums from a full bubinga kit. It is made by Tama. I used to play a birch/bubinga kit. Made by Tama.

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Tama star? 15151515

Omg I hope the neighbours don’t mind lol.

yes, star bubinga kit.

That’s cool ! 15151516

Do you live with your father @Jake ? Just wondering if noise is the issue, or he’s trying to tell you what you can and can’t do.

I always wanted to play the drums, but my Mom wouldn’t let me when I lived at home. It’s a good thing, as it turns out I’m a much better guitar player than a drummer LOL

What are you rich???

Your giving me ideas :joy: I want one too now but I need a job! My dream kit would be a craviotto kit! I got my snare yesterday though!!!

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My neighbor is also a drummer!!!

Haha oh right that’s cool

Yes, I live with my father. Yes, I think he is trying to tell me what and what not to do. It is my money as well. It is not a noise issue. He has never complained about that.

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You have a top notch kit tune it up and play it!

Bubinga is some loud drums or no I’ve never played anything that type of wood! I know it’s pricey

Show a pic of them

I already turned the starclassic tama birch/bubinga kit in. To help pay for the new kit. So I don’t have any drums now.