I figured out how to get more money, to buy a drum kit

I have an antique organ. It is at the least 1970 when my grand mother bought it.

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This is a picture with better lighting.

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I think the organ will be worth around 2,000 dollars. The drum kit that I want is a bubinga wood kit. It is very expensive. It cost around 11,000 dollars. I waiting on my Stimulus check as well; I haven’t gotten the second round of the stimulus checks yet. Do you think it is too late to get the stimulus check? I took a picture of the organ above this post. I can’t afford the whole kit. I can get at least 3 drums from the bubinga kit. I also am going to turn in my current drum kit, and make a trade. I’m going to sell an antique coat as well. I’m going to use my Christmas money also.

I really wouldnt spend 11K on an instrument. Is there not something more affordable? Think about what else that money could do.

I spent 1K on a bass guitar a few years ago. I was in 2 bands at the time and doing gigs fairly regularly. Even so it was still a lot of money for me. I cant imagine spending ten times that.

Damn 11000 for a drumkit. Are you that good at drumming? In france you can buy land with that money.


11k is a lot =O
isn’t there more cheaper drum kits?
that organ is nice btw.

I wouldn’t spend $11,000 on an instrument.
Save your money @Jake

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