I miss the drums

Since I am at the group home, I miss playing the drums.


You’re not allowed to have a drum set there? Do other members of the home play instruments? If so, you could suggest to staff it’s like music therapy. You all could have a little band.


Yeah and if noise is the problem, you could get an electronic drum set with some headphones. :wolf::wolf::wolf:


Great idea @GrayBear !!!

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We are not allowed to have instruments. It is a good idea to have a band, but everybody doesn’t play instruments.

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That is a good idea, but I don’t like electronic drum kits.


I have been scrolling craigslist for drums lately, but I won’t buy any. If I had a basement, that’d be great, but I do not, no room at all, and no guarantee I’d even try them.

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You could get a drum machine and rap over it. :wink:

Nah, just kidding Jake.

That seems really anal that they won’t at least let you have an electronic drum kit.

I think the drummer of Tool practices on one of those.


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