My dad doesn't want me to buy a drum kit

O yea you ordered it? That’s cool! How much are those like 9 grand ish right?

What am I doing with a classic maple a pearl wood fiberglass from the 70s a stainless steel and a electronic and a pearl crystal beat! If I turned in everything I could afford a star I have like 8 snares too!!!

Yeah that is about right, but I only ordered 3 drums.

How long have you been playing? I’ve been playing 20 years! It’s great!

I miss my drum kit. Had to get rid of it when i moved unfortunately but i have 5 guitars

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Probably like 2 years in total. I’ve been playing on and off because of depression. So I haven’t been playing consistently.

god bless you guys, reminds me of me.


I don’t play my guitar anymore since taking meds its a bummer but it is what it is I was using it for not good purposes anyway towards the end

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