My cat understands

totally understands me! I was lying in bed petting him and telling him how sorry I was that I blamed him for my son’s death and that I ignored him for eight years as a result. I then told him that I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had only loved my son. I asked him if he saw his part in my son’s death? When I asked him that, he quickly jumped down and ran into the living room. I followed him and accused him of understanding me and of being smart and not being “dumb” but being smart. He just stared back at me and kept staring back at me. I swear he understood everything I was saying.


Animals are smarter than they let on just because they don’t speak our language. But he probably got the attitude from your actions towards him as you accused him. They understand quite a lot though


I know that animals can read minds so why wouldn’t they be able to understand language too?

My actions were uniform throughout. I was just calmly petting and stroking him. My actions were no different than that. He purely understood my words.

Possibly, I’ve known animals to behave more oddly than that.

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I have too. 1515151515

I find animals seem to like to comfort me like they know I’ve been through a lot


Well I don’t know if they can read minds or not, but they are fantastic at reading emotions. They pick up on all kinds of subtleties, it makes sense because they kind of have to do that to communicate with other animals since they don’t have speech. If animals could talk I would imagine it would be hard to successfully lie to them.


Sorry G, but how can animals read minds? That’s just not a rational belief


My dog is deaf yet comes into my room at the exact time I wake up with perfect synchronicity. His name is Charlie. I figure he can smell when my breathing changes either that or He can read my thoughts


Im not saying whatsoever that cats can read minds. But my Percy soon picks up on my moods. He soon comes over purring and licking my face when he knows im stressed. I know his meows now - and the way he looks at me. Cats are not stupid!


Hey so how is Percy? Has he gotten more comfortable with his new surroundings?


Yeah hes - fine - i spoke on another thread, and took him down the beach. Hes settled in now :smiley:


Nice. Cats are great. Perhaps misunderstood. But they’re still awesome. Love your Percy.



Lol that must have looked funny walking your cat with a lead


Haha - yes i did get a few funny looks. Im surprised i didnt get paranoid about it. I wanted percy to explore and was getting cabin-fever in the flat.


I said to Don Juan

“I’ll see ya later…so do you wanna eat now?”

I think he knew what I meant

That I was going out and couldn’t feed him at normal lunchtime so I wanted to feed him then. He’s a smart kitty.


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