Good day with hopefully a good ending

The kitty is so happy. I just cleaned her and changed the collar.
She is not eating anything except treats.

She is happy with us and cuddling all the time. She slept peacefully too and did not hear her Meow at all.

I went shopping and spent $$$ for her stuff. A bed, catnip, toys, food, tray, litter…

I only have to figure out a location or some podium of some sort or her to crawl/jump and watch us from up above :smile:

I am leaving in a couple hours for a dinner with friends then dancing. Excited and hope it’d go well.

What about you? Hope everybody had a nice weekend.


thats super cool to have kitty with lots of toys

THX!! She is 4 years old but looks like a kitten. So CUTE. Everybody loved her :smile:
she is also licking my nose all the time :smile:

i have bird she annoys me, but also i am sad that she has no company, the cage is too small to have two birds. I want to have tortoise

I love kitties, have a cat and a dog myself. I hope you have a good dinner out! :slight_smile: I’m having a good day, too, got home from the gym about an hour ago.

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I live alone and have no lover. So, this morning I hugged and squeezed my beautiful cream orange tiger cat, Simba. He didn’t mind. I get all my love from him.
I do yoga for about 35 minutes every night. Keeps me in great shape and feeling so good too.


Is that the origin of your screen name :blush:

Kind of. The origin of my screen name was the fact that I lost over 50 pounds using the calorie counter app.

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Get her a Cat tree or make her one.

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