Delusions setting in

I keep thinking the past four years of hell have been done by the CIA so I can get a security clearance. This never ends well. Too bad it’s not actually true though? I think I watch too many movies because I think it would be the best and most rewarding job to be a spook.

Somebody please reality check me.


The CIA doesn’t want to contact you in any way…this is a delusion…please tell your pdoc about what you are experiencing…maybe you can get your meds adjusted.


The interesting thing is that I actually applied for the CIA prior to becoming ill. I wish it was true! It is not though and it’s depressing.

I understand…it was a big let down when I found out my delusions weren’t true…try to forget about it…it’s just a lie your mind has been telling you. I’m sorry.

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Not sure if you are experiencing a true delusion since you have insight.

Jukebox is right. It’s just your mind playing tricks with you. I used to have severe delusions about secret services etc.

For what it’s worth, I had a family member apply, and they decide within 6 months. It will not take years.


I just gotta let it all out to clear up the delusions I have. Also before I got sick I was invited into the Masons. My whole world view was shook by that invite. So my delusions basically involve either the Mason’s and/or CIA are trying to hurt or help me.

It feels good to finally have the courage to talk about my delusions. I think I’m delusional right now, but not psychotic because I have insight.


Can’t forget the ever present delusion that the CIA/billionaires/politicians/masons are reading my mind.

My sanity hinges on the fact that when I was in psychosis two times my delusions were just so far out there. If one aspect is not true than all are not true.

I think when this first started I was actually being vetted for something. My fragile mind could just not withstand it.

I may not even be schizophrenic. I’ve never heard voices or hallucinated.

you mean you’re not on meds? I didn’t hear voices for a long time when I was delusional. I hope you get help.

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