My body feels heavy. I cant move in the evenings. Can this change?

Somebody else like this too? Its a heavy thing :frowning:
I make my progress in the day, but in the evenings, I start to be like this… My head feels heavy then, my body too… I struggle even to move, so I am in my bed for some 3, 4 hours…
Its not the meds, I was like this since kid a bit… Maybe my brain is kinda of dead? I think in those moments, I worry a lot about the future then too, but I wonder if somebody else was like this?..
I am special in my sz… I can sleep even for 16 hours or more sometimes… I try not to do it now, but I just show you how is my sz per some moments… Why my body feels heavy and even in physical pain and emotional pain? My motricity is bad too then… Can it be just the stress and the paranoia who are maybe consuming me?
I’ll see in the future if this gets better. Speak me about your immobility too, please… I guess the aps don’t work quite well on this lol?..

You need more exercise.

The more you work at it the more energy you’ll have.


Ok, thanks… Maybe its a negative symptom isn’t it? But my head is quite anxious and paranoid too then too…
I am trying to move in the house now. I cant go out like this, nope…
But in one hand, my body is in pain,w ith no energy. and on the other hand, I am paranoid. That’s why its tough to move then too.
who was quite immobile too? Does the aps help?

Go for walk everyday even if it’s for 5 mins

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I walk outside every day now. For more than 5 minutes… The problem is that I was having these sensations even as kid, even when I was active kid… I got desperate cause it kills moments of my day… This is the illness… Its up again to efforts? Yeah… sz cured by efforts, ok…

Did you also have a heavy body and head, with the impossibility to move? You got better on this with activities?

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I get heavy body quite often. Personally I think it’s related to depression.

In depression you can get what is called heavy limbs feeling. Where your body feels like a brick and it feels like you can’t move much easily.

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Ok, sorry, that i was hard to you, levelj :cry: … Yeah, i guess my Zyprexa is for the other things… and that this heavy body is a negative or depression with anxiety as you say… But i have it since kid, which probably contributed to damage my brain, cause i gave up to this years ago…And now its really bad in the evenings… I don’t know why always the evenings… I guess i still spend too much ‘‘energy’’ to be ‘‘ok’’ in the day…

My body feels exactly like a brick then too, yeap. I am just scared i have it since kid, its not a good prognosis :confused: . I guess i should make my peace, that i am different from the normies and now fight. Ok, it clarifies me a bit, yeap, this is not the sz i guess. Its some other thing. But i am also paranoid then…

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Yeah it’s tough, you can get through it though just keep trying :blush:

You think I should not give up? I am 37 years old and I was never OK… Being depressed since kid is tough… I guess this caused my cognitive issues now… It’s terrible to be ill since forever :slightly_frowning_face:… You also try to move, when you feel as a brick? Did you get better like this on it now? In the past, when I was immobile like this, I even had the desire to go back in my mom’s womb… Terrible… Lol.

And also, the aps are not meant against the immobility of the body no?
All the best to you, level…

You sound very, very depressed @Anna1. And you’ve probably been this way for a very long time. I would talk to your pdoc about it.

The ads lift my paranoia, skinny me… I prefer to fight off ads now… They were also raising my paranoid body sensations, the docs doesn’t know what to give me anymore… I can’t handle lifting meds. Yeap, I was depressed for decades. But now I fight. Well, I have my manias too, you know… I guess I went dumb within the years of depression… Not everything is bad now. It was worse before… I guess some recover in years. But really, my paranoia was very painful. I can’t risk taking ads which lift it…

@Anna, “lift” in English, means to get rid of something. When you say “lift”, do you mean “increase”?

Yeap, I mean increase. I had for long time two opposite states… The paranoia and the depression. But I am really scared by my paranoia. I tried many ads, they raise my paranoia and my body paranoid sensations.

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Maybe ur med is giving you depression

Try rexultiii it’s an ad n antipsyxhotic

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@Anna1 , you probably didn’t have body “paranoia” sensations but body “hallucinatory” sensations. Paranoia is more of a mind thing than a body thing.

They could have been anxious sensations, caused by the paranoia… But maybe I had some body hallucinations, its possible… I still have them, so I continue my meds. But I prefer fighting my depression by efforts… The worst was the paranoia, yeap. You can’t predict how much time ill need to recover from negatives and depression, isn’t it? Yeah, the longest you have been in it, the more you need for recovery… But I am better already I find. Its just a tragedy that I had no life since kid… I see what’s the life now for first time since two decades… Nobody will want me for a partner with this past, idk… :cry:

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I wouldn’t say that @Anna1, You’re still young yet. They’ll want you for your future not your past. And your future is entirely up to you.

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OK, thanks :cry: I should get smarter too meanwhile :smile: … At least, I stopped looking for a partner now. I am not ready and I risk to hurt others or be hurted… I’ll hope that those negatives and depression can disappear sooner… My pdoc was saying that even the zyprexa is antidepressive you know… Idk how it works exactly, but in the day I am on my feet on it. Its just that my mind is still ill, but to recover on thinking needs time I guess…

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