Do yall find it hard to move?

i literally feel like im on risperdal again that stuff and others make me feel paralyzed like i have a heavy spine. i want to go right outside and sit on the porch but instead it feels like ive got iron in my spine and legs keeping me from adequately moving

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I feel like this sometimes with clozapine. I want to move but my body feels weighed down and doesn’t seem to want to move. Very frustrating when I also feel restless at the same time

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Oh man that sucks.

No. But if I did, I would make an appointment with my pdoc ASAP to change meds.

Yea antipsychotics can make us more sedentary.

When I was first on 15mg aripiprazole I absolutely hated moving.

I even used to struggle walking from the bus stop to my home, down two roads. Ie a 7 minute walk was hell and I felt like I needed to slump onto the side of the road like a homeless person

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i think it went away i guess like when it happens i cant even twist my leg

Coffee helps.

Just watch out for side effects.


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