My birthday is tomorrow, another year of wish I wasn't here

it’s the same stuff every year. I give myself until I’m Twenty because I didn’t sign up for this.

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You are too young to give up I think

Don’t give up, there are days ahead that will be better, not everyday will be so bad. Sometimes rough spots can last for a while but they can’t last forever. Don’t give up hope.

@Koari_akira Are you taking all your meds, or are you still just taking half the prescribed amount? Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Koari_akira, please don’t give up! You are still very young. I can promise you things will get better!

Don’t listen to these fool, I assure you, it only gets worse


happy derday

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Things get better. When you’re young so many things seem like the end of the world. Take it easy and enjoy life.

I know I’m a hell of a person to tell u this, but u need to try to survive as long as u can. I have days when i feel like giving up.I think everybody does from time to time, not just us who have this disease but yeah, I get depressed when my birthday is coming up cause i look at it as another year closer to death. I really get depressed when family members that’s not there, that should b or they don’t stay for a while .Like they’re in a hurry to go somewhere else & I’m not talking about my parents either. I’m usually see my parents everyday cause i live with them. I’m talking about my brother. Anyway, try to find something to do that u like or at least something u like doing to take your mind off poor little me, not trying to b offensive or anything. I know when I’m depressed like that I’m not thinking rational. What i do before things get really out of hand is i look up stuff like, i don’t know what its is called so I’ll call it reverse therapy. I look up stuff like suicide, death, or even look up something like dark fantasy pictures or art. It usually helps me or listen to music that sings about death and all that. Other words listen to some metal. Another thing don’t b ashamed to cry. it does help to do that cause its like the pain leaves or at least part of it does. I hope this helps u.

Happy taurus :heart_eyes:
It gets way better if you’re only like 18-19. I didn’t have my moment of clarity until I was 23 and that was the coolest thing ever…when life started to make sense to me. Now I’m 24 and I’m depressed again a little but this will only be temporary hopefully.

But you’re way too young to give up like someone said. It changes especially at your age. Give it til 25 :wink:

I’ve survived for 35 years with paranoid schizophrenia. The beginning is always the worst. But it does often get better. Not for everybody, but for most people. We’re not just making it up. You wouldn’t have 5 people on here telling you this if it wasn’t true. You have to survive. That’s the truth and that’s the way it is. Yes, we got dealt some bad cards. Terrible cards.
But if you browse this site you will see people on here doing all sorts of things despite their disease. Working, going to school, swimming, living independently, bike riding, having fun, having friends, getting married, having children, reading, driving cars etc. This could be you…Maybe not immediately for you, maybe not right this moment but in the future.

In the beginning my case was severe. I mean terrible suffering.I didn’t know if I would ever get well. I often felt hopeless and like giving up. Much like you’re feeling right now. But my family helped me. And medication. Today I live on my own, I drive my own car, I work part-time, I take college classes. I live a fairly normal life.

But like I said in the beginning it was hell. I spent 8 months on 1982 locked up in a psychiatric hospital. But I survived to fly across the country a few times, to be best man at my dads wedding, to go to too many movies and restaurants to count. You can’t predict the future, your life can get better. You have to just try to live with this stupid disease. Go through the bad times and come out the other side. Remember, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. I wish you good luck.

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And Happy Birthday.
Here’s another quote:
'When you’re going through hell, keep going".
Winston Churchill

“My name is Kelli, I like ramen noodles and animals”.
Lol, that’s a funny profile! Were you being funny on purpose?

i figured that i’d be gone by 40 but next month that’s where i’ll be.

If I didn’t structure my life around this belief id prolly would have gotten further in terms of my quality of life.

Thanks for the kind words, advice and stories.